Q.  Who is D+H?

A.  D+H, a Finastra company, is a payment solutions provider to financial institutions in Canada and around the world. We have built our reputation on over 140 years of experience supporting the cheque supply programs for Canadian financial institutions. 


Q.  What types of products are available for sale?

A.  D+H offers both personal and business cheques as well as co-ordinating accessories.


Q.  What types of cheques do you produce?

A.  D+H provides personal, business handwritten and computer cheques to the Canadian market. Personal and business manual cheques are written by hand. Computer cheques are used with a printer with the help of an accounting software package. 


 Q.  How do I place an order?

A.  To reorder cheques, please visit reorder cheques.



Business Cheques

Q.  What is the difference between Laser and Continuous cheques or forms?

A.  Laser cheques are for use with laser, ink-jet and bubble-jet printers. Continuous cheques are for use with dot-matrix printers. These have tractor-feed on each side of the form and are continuously attached.


Q.  Can you send me some samples to try with my printer?

A.  We can provide sample cheques and forms for the most commonly used accounting programs, including QuickBooks and Sage 50 Accounting.



Business Forms (Statements, Invoices, Purchase Orders…)

Q.  Why would I order preprinted forms when I can print forms with my software onto blank paper?

A.  When you consider the cost of inkjet or laser cartridges, it is actually less expensive to purchase preprinted forms and output the variable data in black. This method will also reduce your printing time. Additionally, if you wish to improve your branding and company image, the quality of preprinted forms is superior. 


Q.  Can you produce multiple copy, carbonless forms which are glued at the top?

A.  Yes. This type of form is typically referred to as a "snap-set" or "unit-set" and is available through our Forms Advisory Office at 1-866-506-0800 for a free quote.


Q.  Can you print my invoices and statements in my company colours? 

A.  Yes. We can print nearly any type of form in as many as 4 custom ink colours. Call us for more details.



Customizing Your Business Cheques and Forms

Q.  What type of customization is available?

A.  You can create a unique look by choosing from our selection of custom cheque designs. If you already have a cheque or form that you wish to continue using, we can match it.


Q.  If I send you the custom cheque or form we currently use, can you match this?

A.  Yes. We will replicate it and provide a proof for your approval.