D+H offers a broad range of handwritten/manual cheque options to meet the needs of any business. This includes: 

  • Everyday handwritten/manual cheques
  • Payroll cheques
  • Voucher cheques


All D+H cheques fully comply with the Canadian Payments Association specifications for cheques, enabling them to go through the clearing system without issue. 

Our handwritten/manual cheques also include a number of security features such as fluorescent fibres, chemical protection and watermarks to help prevent fraudulent use, like alterations and duplications. 


ChequeEssentials Kit
The ChequeEssentials® Kit provides your business with everything required to get you started. The kit includes:

  • 200 single cheques (Marble, 1-to-a-page)
  • Durable cheque binder
  • Personalized deposit slip
  • Endorsement stamp to ensure accurate deposit of cheques to your account

Please visit your bank or credit union to place an order.


Everyday Handwritten/Manual Cheques
These are all-purpose cheques which are available in 2 formats: 1-to-a-page or 2-to-a-page. Both come with stubs for easy record keeping.

To order handwritten/manual cheques, call 1-855-826-5912.


Payroll and Voucher Cheques
D+H offers Payroll Cheques and Voucher Cheques with unique record-keeping options.

To order payroll and voucher cheques, call 1-855-826-5912.


Protection in the event of Cheque Fraud
Protect yourself with EZShield Cheque Fraud Protection®, a program that helps to protect your business cheques against forged signatures, forged endorsements and alterations.


Fund advancement within 72 hours
In the event of fraud, the EZShield Cheque Fraud Protection/Advancement Program provides funds within 72 hours1 to a maximum of $25,000 (CAD) for all cheques covered under the program helping minimize any burdens while your financial institution investigates.

To find out if your bank offers this feature or to add EZShield to your next cheque order, speak to one of our agents at 1-855-826-5912.


Additional products to consider
D+H offers business accessories to help you stay organized and products that will help create a professional look for your business.  These include binders, pre-inked stamps and more.


1Conditions apply. Ask for details.