Go simple or express yourself with a more personalized cheque. Whatever your preference, D+H cheques are designed to meet your needs.


Mobile Cheque Deposit Ready for Your Convenience
All D+H cheques are Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) ready so when you take a photo of our cheques from your smartphone using your banking mobile app, the image will be accepted by your bank for deposit to your account.


Cheque Security Features
D+H cheques include a combination of security features to help protect them from fraudulent use, such as alterations and duplications.


Customize your cheque your way
Personalize your cheques using typestyles, monograms, cheque thoughts and lifestyle marks.                                                  


Complementary Accessories
Stylish yet functional accessories such as coordinated chequebook covers, self-inking stamps, address labels, wallets and organizers.


Reorder Your Personal Cheques today
To place a first-time order, please visit your bank or credit union.