Cheque Security Features

When you order from D+H, you are entrusting us with your personal or business banking information and we take this responsibility very seriously. From the time you place your order until the cheques are delivered to you, D+H has measures in place to ensure your confidential information is kept safe and secure at all times.  


Secure Ordering

Security starts at the beginning of the order process. At D+H, we work with our financial institution partners to verify that the account information and shipping address belongs to the person or business placing the order.

Whether your order is placed  through your bank, credit union or online, the transmission of your personal information to D+H remains secure through adherence with strict measures including:

  • Encrypted file transfers between your bank or credit union and D+H
  • Web servers using 128-bit encryption, the best system currently available

Throughout the entire ordering and production process, we ensure your personal or business banking information is kept secure at all times. We have robust security systems and processes in place to prevent data breaches, giving you peace of mind.


Secure Products

Our cheques incorporate a combination of security features designed to help protect them from fraudulent uses such as alterations and duplications:

Preventing Alteration:

  • Chemical Stain Protection - D+H computer and business cheques are printed on paper that has been treated to provide extreme sensitivity to solvents which may be used to alter the information on cheques.
  • Toner Adhesion on computer cheques - Treatment is applied to both sides of the cheque to maximize toner adhesion.   This feature protects cheques against attempts to remove, scrape or alter information such as the amount and payee.

Preventing Copying/Scanning of Cheques:

  • Invisible Fluorescent Fibres – Visible only under UV light and difficult to replicate.
  • Microprint –The microprint line is made up of tiny words that should not be legible if scanned or photocopied.
  • Watermark on business manual and computer cheques – Watermark will not appear if scanned or photocopied.


Secure Packaging

All business cheques are delivered in tamper-evident packaging.  You’ll know immediately if someone tried to open your cheque order before it reaches you.

If your package is undeliverable for whatever reason, it will be returned to D+H for prompt destruction to ensure your cheques do not fall into the wrong hands. We will also send a notification to your financial institution to investigate the undeliverable shipping address.


Cheque Fraud Protection for Business

Take essential steps to protect you and your business with EZShield Cheque Fraud Protection.   For pennies per cheque, EZShield provides speedy advancement of funds, ensuring your business has the cash flow necessary to continue your operations. Conditions apply.  Call 1-855-826-5909 for details.